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Anyone with a web browser or website can now mine cryptocurrency. Either mine on your own device on our easy to use platform, or simply install a code snippet into your website which will earn you tokens whilst your visitors browse.

JSE Coin Web Browser Mining

Now Anyone Can Mine Cryptocurrency

Web Browser Mining — Try the self-mining tool to make cryptocurrency

This site proposes to mine a new crypto currency : the JSE.The concept is to generalize the mining of this currency from any browser, whether you are on PC, or MAc, from your mobile Apple or Android or from a tablet ...

Simply connect to the site interface and start mining. Then you navigate from another window to any other site as you like, mining takes place in the background without disrupting your navigation.

Unlike any mining solution involving intensive calculations with increasingly powerful hardware, here the miner runs under JAVA inside the browser and consumes very little !

This technology can also be inserted on websites and will therefore interests many webmasters who will be able to draw from it an additional source of income.

The most interesting: the startup behind this product is currently in the process of preparing its ICO, which will be launched shortly. It is therefore possible to secure your tokens now at the rate of 1 JSE = 1 $.

The product is functional, I tested this miner and it works, which is quite rare in the field of crypto where many concepts exist only on paper.

The white paper is also available online on their site where the roadmap of the project appears over the next three years.

This is therefore a dual opportunity: online mining from a browser and launching of a promising crypto currency in which you can invest.

The future will tell but I think there's something to follow here...



Simple To Use

Easy to get started, straightforward to purchase and simple to send digital currency to anyone with an email address

Web Browser Mining

Anyone with a web browser or website can now mine cryptocurrency. Either mine on your own device on our easy to use platform, or simply install a code snippet into your website which will earn you tokens whilst your visitors browse.


You can store your tokens on the JSECoin platform or alternatively export them to an Ethereum compatible wallet of your choice.

How to use your tokens

Use your JSECoin tokens to make online purchases at participating sites. If you have your own site you can now start accepting JSECoin using our easy to use merchant tools.



Now you can register your JSECoin account and start mining in 60 seconds.

We have a dedicated mining page on the platform where you can put your devices CPU to use earning you some JSECoin tokens. Here your computer will be performing mathematical equations to secure our blockchain (basically a ledger of all of our transactions) and as a reward for doing this you will have the chance to earn JSECoin tokens.

You’re in complete control the whole time and are able to start and stop the process at any point, as well as change how much CPU power you dedicate to mining.

Try it Out!

Let's take a look at about the web browser mining platform.Here is what it looks like in your web browser before you begin mining:

All you have to do to mine is click the "start mining" button & then this is what it looks like when you start mining:



JSECoin could be the solution. An unobtrusive code snippet is placed on your site which then runs the JSECoin miner on your visitors’ devices whilst they browse your website.

This provides the hashing functionality required to secure the blockchain and in return you get the chance to earn JSECoin tokens.

We believe that transparency and minimal impact on your visitors’ browsing experience is key to mainstream adoption of this system. All visitors to your site will be notified and given the chance to opt out, and cpu usage is less than most standard video ads.

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JSEcoin Mining Types

They offer two types of mining mode: Self Mining and Publisher Mining.

Self Mining:

With self-mining mode, the affiliate can simply log in to the platform and go to the mining page. Depending on the computer and browser you use, the number of open applications and other factors, the hash-rate speed will vary. It basically will depend on how the browser distributes the resources.

Publisher Mining:

With the Publisher Mining, webmasters include a javascript code in their websites, which basically will load the same functionality as for self-mining but within the visitor's browsers.

1440 coins are currently being distributed to publishers and 720 coins for self-miners on the platform, so a total of 2160 new JSE coins per day are being generated with a bit over half a million coins in circulation already according to the developers of the project.

JSEcoin ICO Details:

  • Symbol: JSE
  • Max. Final Hard Cap: 100,000,000
  • Max. Pre-ICO Distribution: 5,000,000
  • Max. ICO Distribution: 70,000,000 + Any Unsold Pre-ICO Distribution


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